I love working with people who are trying to meet wellness goals and establish lifestyle modifications. Dietary and lifestyle change is hard - it takes time, patience to deal with the ebbs and flows, and does not look the same for everyone. The concept of bio-individuality rings true when I work with clients. It’s the idea that we all have unique needs when it comes to food and lifestyle. As a health coach, I help hold the space for this nuance and aim to be a source of ongoing support and guidance as clients set goals to improve their health and happiness.

See what a few recent clients have said:

“One of the things I really liked about working with Chelsea is her philosophy when it comes to healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle- she focuses on making positive additions to your life rather than cutting out/eliminating things. By doing this you end up engaging less in unhealthy habits.

During the 6 months that I worked with Chelsea, I lost 10 pounds, increased the number of home cooked meals by 50%, and lowered my blood pressure from pre-hypertensive range to normal range. As a result of working with Chelsea, I learned to think positively about making healthy changes and that it’s easier than you think”.  (Janelle, 33, Pennsylvania)

“When I started working with Chelsea, I wanted help managing my autoimmune disease by reducing blood pressure and eating a nutrient-dense and low protein diet. We set biweekly goals and developed meal plans that worked with my lifestyle and goals. Chelsea provided great recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including fun and healthy salad recipes. She tailored recipes to meet my specific needs and was always brainstorming new ideas.

 After four months working with Chelsea, I saw direct improvements in my lab results and overall health and wellness. My doctor and I were both shocked and amazed by the results. 

I loved working with Chelsea. Chelsea has helped me develop life-long healthy habits and a positive attitude towards nutrition and food. She is so supportive, creative, and I truly feel like I have a partner and coach on this journey”.  (Lauren, 31, Seattle, WA)

My husband and I both committed to improving the health of our busy family. Chelsea helped us get on the right track with food prep and making meals both healthy and quick. Chelsea was able to help us as a family and work with us individually to set a plan, practice and work through barriers. I firmly believe we have been successful because Chelsea was able to balance my husbands and my needs together to create healthy lifestyle changes.” (Aimee, 40, VT)